Little Sparrows Forest School

Fun and learning in the outdoor classroom.

Fun and learning in the outdoor classroom

What is Forest School?

The children who attend Forest School will tell you that it is lots of FUN, and you are allowed to get dirty!

But, it is much more than that. 

 The children are taught new skills and then allowed to use them in child-led activities. They are encouraged to complete achievable tasks, developing their self-confidence. Through the Forest School activities they become more self-aware, and gradually become more independent. The children work together as well, often problem solving without even realising it! All this and it really is FUN!

What will my child do at Forest School?

Your child will have the opportunity to explore the woods, in a safe environment. They will hunt for 

mini-beasts and learn to look for evidence of other animals, and find out about the trees and plants that grow in the woods.

Your child will be introduced to some appropriate tools, including peelers, hammers, and saws. They will be taught about using these safely and (with the Forest School leader) have a go at using them. Your child will also learn about fire safety, and once they show understanding of this, the children will assist the Forest School leader in using a Kelly Kettle to make Hot Chocolate. 

 Using tools and lighting fires are done in a very controlled and safe way – if you have any questions please email us! 

The children will sometimes have something to bring home and show you, but often the things we do stay in the woods. However, parents have told us that their children tell them so much more about what they have been doing, than ever before!